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SWOT Analysis Instructions

Strengths and Weakness
You have looked at church health and identified some of the things you are doing well.  On the SWOT analysis sheet, identify the ministries, actions and programs that are helping you fulfill the vision God has given you.  These are your strengths.

All ten elements that make up the Church Health Arrow are important.  You may have identified some things the church could be doing better.  Consider the vision, leadership, fellowship, and structure as you probe for any weaknesses.  On the SWOT analysis identify any weaknesses you may have discovered.

Opportunities may be identified in the church or in the community.  They may even come from outside the community.

“Find where God is at work and join Him,” is the challenge of discovering opportunities for ministry.  You need to ask God to give you the sensitivity to see where He is at work.  These opportunities may be identified by discovering changes that are taking place in the community.  Community leaders may talk about needs in the community.  Their comments may suggest ministries that could be developed.  Opportunities may be discovered by seeing a pattern in needs that are identified.  (Example:  Church leaders may become aware of individuals that have gone through the experience of broken relationships or broken homes.  This may suggest the opportunity for a divorce recovery group or a marriage enrichment program.)

Threats can come in many different forms.  A wise leadership approach is to address potential threats before they become a crisis.  If we use the human body as an image representing the church, then addressing threats would be like our immune system working quietly to keep the body healthy.

Here are a few areas you may want to consider in discovering threats.  Look specifically at structure and fellowship.  Are there forces at work that would work against vision?  Does the childcare ministry have the proper safeguards built into the system?  Is there a sound financial policy in place?  Is the building physically safe?  Is an adequate insurance policy in place? 

Are government matters in order?  Is the church in compliance with all health and safety regulations?  The local, state and federal governments all need to be considered as you look at potential threats.  Are all IRS regulations being followed? 

Are there changes in the community that offer any level of threat to the work and ministry of the church? 

Use the results of this study to give you information for the planning process.